Water Conservation

Everyone doing their part to conserve water now will ensure a reliable supply of quality drinking water for generations to come.  The Environmental Services Department offers free events, classes and seminars for residents to learn tips on incorporating conservation habits into daily routines. Helpful hints include drip irrigation basics, water-wise lawn care and selecting water-thrifty plants to evaluating WaterSense appliances.

Classes and Seminars

  • Smarter About Water (May 13, 2017) - Local and regional water information specialists will report on the status of water sources, our expected growth and the resulting demands for water, how conservation now can save money over time and practical ways to conserve such as planting natives. 

Girl Drinking Water

WJPA Lawn Irrigation Recommendation

Lawn watering recommendations provided by The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency are based on information gained from automated rainfall sensors operated by WJPA and evapotranspiration data compiled by Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District. Texas A&M best practices for irrigating St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia lawns are then factored into the equation. This recommendation informs whether watering is needed or not.
  • Anything under 0.50 inch is reported as "0." 
  • Anything above 0.50 inch is reported as "Irrigate."
Weekly watering advice