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1. What if someone is caught wearing another person’s number?
2. What about bad weather?
3. What about refunds and/or credits?
4. What do I get in my packet?
5. Will this race be capped?
6. May I use my own timing chip instead of the provided disposable timing tag?
7. What do I do with my Race Bib after the event?
8. How early should I get there?
9. Is there an additional fee for parking?
10. What should I bring with me?
11. Can I listen to a music device while I run?
12. Are pets allowed?
13. Are strollers allowed on the race course?
14. Where are pre/post race restrooms?
15. Where is the start line?
16. Where is the finish line?
17. Where should spectators go to watch?
18. Will there be food afterwards?
19. Where will be Post-race Party be?
20. What do I need to get into the Post Race Party?
21. Will there be peace officers along the route to ensure cars stay out of the running area?
22. Can I switch my shirt size?