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The Woodlands Township continuously expands methods to efficiently and effectively communicate with residents regularly. With new technology and the use of social media, current information is just a click away. Discover us on social media, sign up for email notifications, read our magazine and use our 311 app.

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  1. The Woodlands Community Magazine
The Woodlands Township publishes a monthly magazine, The Woodlands Community Magazine, to inform The Woodlands residents about the activities and services of The Woodlands Township. Subscriptions and mailing are provided free of charge to all residents within the boundaries of The Woodlands Township. 

  1. TheWoodlands311 Mobile App

TheWoodlands311 is the official mobile app for The Woodlands Township. The app is a free, easy-to-use platform for community members to easily submit service requests, such as reporting park or pathway maintenance issues. 

  1. Bid Postings
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