Guide to Deed Restrictions in The Woodlands


The Woodlands Township is a master-planned community that provides for orderly development of residential, commercial and industrial land usage. Long-range planning is critical to preserving the quality of development and to maintaining compatibility with the environment. Development of The Woodlands is guided by binding covenants and standards that protect the aesthetic integrity of the community. Additions and modifications to residential properties must be in compliance with these covenants and standards to assure continuation of good design, preservation of property values and conservation of the natural environment.

The following is a brief summary of the protective covenants and residential standards is representative, but not all-inclusive, of those now in effect in The Woodlands. Separate standards govern non-residential projects. Since the standards are updated from time to time, it is important that residents check with The Woodlands Township for copies of the most current standards.

Applications for additions and modifications will be approved on the basis of the standards in effect on the date submitted for review by the Residential Design Review Committee. For further information about the application process, contact The Woodlands Township at 281-210-3800.
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Summary of Standards

  1. Colors and Materials
  2. Decks / Patio Structures
  3. Exterior Lighting
  4. Fences
  5. House Additions / Garages
  6. Play Structures
  7. Pools and Spas
  8. Satellite Dishes
  9. Political Election Signage
  10. Short-Term Rentals
Colors and Materials
Colors that harmonize with the natural landscape are strongly encouraged. Muted shades are considered to be most appropriate. Muted shades of white are acceptable in many neighborhoods. Gloss paint is prohibited. Painting of brick, other masonry material or other types of finishes is approvable and requires application for review and approval prior to commencement. 

Covenant Provisions

  1. Fireworks / Firearms
  2. Garage, Yard and Estate Sales
  3. Tree Removal
  4. Lot Use Restrictions
  5. Pets
  6. Trash / Debris
  7. Setbacks, Use of Easements
  8. Vehicle Parking / Storage
Fireworks, Firearms and Hunting
The sale and use of fireworks and the use or discharge of firearms of any kind whatsoever is strictly prohibited on any property within The Woodlands. Hunting of any kind and by any method is also prohibited.