The Waterway Arts District

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors recognizes the importance of the arts in The Woodlands, which fosters cultural development, provides diverse programming for The Woodlands residents, enhances property value and strengthens tourism appeal to a broader audience.

The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved on December 5, 2018 the logo, branding and boundary map for The Waterway Arts District embracing the cultural arts development in The Woodlands.

Currently, The Waterway Arts District defined area is host to multiple events and venues that promote the arts, and special projects such as the art benches along The Waterway.

Having a designated area in The Woodlands will be used as an economic development tool to attract investment and promote local and national artists to The Woodlands.

This effort is part of the vision of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors and has not received State of Texas designation as an arts district.

The Waterway Arts District