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As The Woodlands Township reopens to the public, temperature-screening kiosks are being installed in several Township facilities. Members of the public as well as employees will be required to be screened prior to entering. The current schedule calls for the Township Town Hall to re-open to the public on October 19, 2020. 

Kiosks will be installed in the lobbies and employee entrances of Township facilities for health screening purposes. Visitors and staff will be screened for elevated temperatures. This helps stop potentially contagious individuals before they carry the infection inside the facilities. If an elevated temperature is detected, an on-screen notification is displayed.  For people with temperatures below the threshold, the kiosk prints a badge that is to be worn during the visit or workday.  

Adults and children (ages 6 and up) who would like to enter the building will be directed to a Stop and Screen kiosk that takes only seconds to accurately determine the individual’s temperature. By participating in the screening, the individual affirms that they have not had a fever or flu-like symptoms within the past 24 hours and/or that they have not had contact with  a positive COVID-19 individual. Once screened, all entering the facilities must wear a face covering and practice social distancing.  

Anyone who registers results of 99.9 degrees or higher will be asked to exit the facility and either wait five minutes to retake their temperature or return another day when their temperature reads below the 99.9-degree threshold.   

Kiosks are currently being installed at Town Hall, the Parks, Recreation and Environmental Services campus, Texas TreeVentures, Riva Row Boat House, Lakes Edge Boat House, the Recreation Center at Bear Branch Park and the Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park.  

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