Right-of-Way, Easements and Land Used for Access

The Woodlands Township is unique and unlike any other. It is a designed community that was developed to have a “balance between man and nature.” A vision that included maintaining forest preserves along major roadways, cul-de-sacs that are extensions of the forest preserves, greenbelts between homes, natural streams and waterways and landscape standards within properties. 

Easements, which are agreed-upon uses of land, typically allow for access to land for natural resources, maintenance, utilities, etc. To eliminate disruptions to The Township’s balance with nature, most infrastructure such as power, communications, gas, water, sewer lines and drainage were designed to be placed in underground easements. 

“Right-of-Way” or ROW is the right for passage through a portion of land. A great example of a ROW is a pathway in front of a property that allows for the public to travel from one parcel to the next. A right of way generally extends beyond the improved roadway and may include sidewalks, shoulders, parking lanes, etc.

Do you know if your property includes an easement or right-of-way? Do you know if your property is next to a parcel of land used to access easements near your residence?

The answer is probably yes. As you can imagine, The Woodlands Township is intertwined with ROWs and easements. Landscape maintenance for drainage easements and ROWs are a challenge, but necessary to keep our community aesthetic at a high standard. Whether the drainage easement is underground, leading to a storm drain along your front yard, or a drainage swale along the side of your property, The Woodlands Township does not maintain these areas. The expectation is for the resident to maintain these “ditches” as a part of their property. 

What does this mean?

Like other communities, The Woodlands relies on its residents to maintain these areas. There are currently no plans for the Township to maintain ROWs and easements in the future, so we encourage your continued efforts in keeping The Woodlands…. The Woodlands! We also ask neighboring residents to leave them undeveloped to avoid interfering with the infrastructures’ intended purpose. 


Please contact the Township Parks and Recreation Streetscapes division by calling 281-210-3900 or emailing mhonore@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov if you have any questions or concerns.