Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Reports

Pursuant to House Bill No. 2626, effective September 1, 2023, Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Reports (also referred to as reports of political contributions and expenditures) that are filed with The Woodlands Township by a candidate, officeholder, or specific-purpose committee are made available to the public on the Township’s website.  To view a report, please click on the Candidate’s, Officeholder’s, or Specific-Purpose Committee’s Name listed below in alphabetical order to view reports filed on or after September 1, 2023 in chronological order.

The Township posts the reports no later than the 10th business date after the date the report is received.  A report made available under this section must be accessible until the fifth anniversary of the date the report is first made available.

Legally permissible redactions have been applied to some reports in accordance with HB 2626, Government Code 552.024, and legal statutes, as follows:

  • Before making the report available on the Internet, H.B. 2626 allows the removal of each portion, other than city, state, and zip code, of the address of a person listed as having made a political contribution to the person filing the report.
  • Texas Government Code 552.024 stipulates that current office holders may request certain information to be withheld on an Election Not to Disclose Certain Information form.
  • Other statutes or case law that authorize the redaction of private personal information, such as dates of birth of members of the public, prior to posting or releasing public information.

Forms received after September 1, 2023 will be posted below.

  1. Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Reports

Current Officeholders

  • Brad Bailey
  • Richard Franks
  • Bob Milner
  • Linda Nelson
  • Shelley Sekula-Gibbs
  • Ann K. Snyder
  • Kyle Watson


  • Tricia Danto
  • Thomas Andrew Chumbley
  • Thomas M. Chumbley
  • Cindy Heiser
  • Ann Perry