Gardening and Nature Classes

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Composting is natural recycling. Put your yard trimmings and kitchen scraps to work by creating nutrient rich homemade compost in your own back yard. For one week out of each month the Environmental Services Department is focusing on backyard composting. Whether you are just starting to compost or are an experienced home composter, you can learn more about composting with these great resources. For more information, access the Environmental Services blog at

Drip Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting

Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, drip irrigation delivers water directly to plant roots, maintaining optimum soil moisture, reducing fungal diseases and resulting in less water lost to evaporation, runoff and wind. This free, water-wise class, demonstrates how to install your own drip irrigation system, adapt existing sprinklers and set up a rain barrel to conserve water in the home landscape. Registration required. 

Gardening 101 and 102

Gardening 101 and 102 go beyond the basics, offering water-wise, earth-friendly tips and techniques for home landscapes. Experts share their wit and wisdom in a free three-hour program, providing a guide to create and maintain a beautiful, sustainable landscape. Registration required.

Vegetable Gardening for The Woodlands

Beginning and veteran gardeners alike learn valuable skills at the free Vegetable Gardening seminars, presented each February and August. The three-hour seminars include information on latest gardening trends, soil preparation, planting techniques, best plant varieties for the area and organic gardening methods. The seminars are taught by leading Texas horticulturalists. Registration required.

Walk in the Woods Nature Lecture Series

Walk in the Woods Nature Lecture Series provides an introduction to the unique species that inhabit our community. Guest speakers recognized for their expertise present topics ranging from bats and owls to hummingbirds and habitat gardening. Featuring exquisite photography and occasionally live specimens, Walk in the Woods appeals to nature enthusiasts of all ages and levels of interest, from students to retirees.

Nature Exploration Walks

Learn about the wildlife common to the “wild” places within The Woodlands, especially the George Mitchell Nature Preserve and The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park. Take a leisurely walk and join in the conversation about the most commonly seen, and unseen, wildlife. Nature Exploration Walks are free, but registration is required.

Woodlands Landscaping Solutions

Great gardens begin from the ground up with Woodlands Landscaping Solutions! Designed for the climate extremes of southeast Texas, the comprehensive, water-wise landscaping program offers sage tips for yard and garden.