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The Woodlands Township is unique in many ways, and it is never more evident than in its parks and recreation facilities and amenities. The Parks and Recreation department offers residents opportunities for recreation and socializing, with 100% of the community’s homes located within a 10-minute walk of a park, pathway and/or open space. Carefully designed and located in all villages throughout The Woodlands, the parks are connected by nearly 220+ miles of hike and bike pathways for non-motorized use, a number continuing to grow every day.

The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department operates, maintains and programs:

  • 220 miles of hike and bike pathways
  • 220 miles of streetscapes
  • 4,445 acres of open space equating to 38.3 acres of open space per 1,000 residents (74% above the national average, National Recreation and Parks Association)
  • 150 community parks containing various amenities equating to one park per 788 residents (155% above the national average, National Recreation and Parks Association)
  • Texas TreeVentures
  • 90 playgrounds
  • 80 tennis courts
  • 8 dedicated pickleball courts
  • 70 lakes and ponds
  • 68 pavilions
  • 43 sportsfields
  • 37 basketball and volleyball courts
  • 14 community swimming pools
  • Five spraygrounds
  • Two Boat Houses
  • Two Recreation Centers offering numerous programs annually
  • More than 60 annual special events

We invite you to explore everything that The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation department has to offer!

Pools and Aquatics

The Woodlands Township has 14 community pools and five spray grounds located throughout all of its villages. In addition to offering a wide variety of aquatic programs, the Township staff coordinates a swim program that supports multiple recreational teams.


The Woodlands Township coordinates thousands of recreational programs for its residents through its two recreation centers- Bear Branch and Rob Fleming. From Sunny Dayz Camps and Youth sports to adult leagues and outdoor family activities, The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department has a multitude of opportunities available for all ages, interests and abilities.  Explore the various programs offered each season in the frequently updated Action Guide. 
Residents can 
register for programs and events online. Registration can also be completed in person at The Recreation Center at Bear Branch Park (by phone at 281-210-3950) or in person at The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park (by phone at 281-516-7348). 

Special Events

The department produces more than 60 high-quality special events year-round, ranging from concerts to tributes and large-scale festivals attracting more than 250,000 residents and visitors each year. These events contribute to making The Woodlands a family-friendly community through offering a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all ages and cultures to enjoy.

Department Communication

Follow The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation on social media for important notices, details on upcoming events and everything you need to know about the hundreds of programs the Township coordinates for residents.  

Parks and Recreation and Community Impact

The Woodlands Township has long recognized the benefits of parks and recreation and facilitates the provisions of its services through three pillars of service (equity, conservation and health and wellness). Examples include the following:

  • The Department has provided $60,000 in program scholarships since 2015, ensuring access for residents regardless of financial status.
  • Through assisting with the Veggie Village program, 4,000 pounds of fresh organic produce is harvested in the community gardens, donated to the Interfaith Food Pantry and distributed annually to individuals and families facing food insecurity.
  • The Department facilitates fitness and wellness through a myriad of facilities and programs which assist in combating sedentary lifestyles, including fitness memberships, Township Signature Race Series, Walk-to-School program, Bike The Woodlands Month and more. The success of these efforts is demonstrated by only 5.5% of residents having diabetes and 2.8% having Coronary Heart Disease (below the state average of 14% and 4% respectively, Montgomery County Community Health Assessment).
  • Access to well-maintained facilities has correlated to a positive impact on home values, as recent surveys have indicated residents attribute 16% of their home’s values to parks and recreation services.
  • Annual support and sponsorship of numerous sports events in the parks generates approximately $20+ million of economic impact including Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas, The Woodlands Marathon and soccer, lacrosse, rugby and flag football tournaments.

Department Accolades

The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department has won numerous accolades by leading organizations such as the National Recreation and Park Association, Texas Recreation and Park Society, Texas Public Pool Council, Aquatics International and the Association of Aquatic Professionals. Awards include:

  • National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Grand Plaque Winner (2019) and Innovation in Conservation Award (2020); 
  • Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) – Gold Medal (2002, 2008, 2012, 2019);
  • Aquatics International – Best of Aquatics (2007, 2010, 2013, 2020);
  • SWNRPA Outstanding Park/Facility Design Award Class II;
  • National Aquatic Council Award of Excellence (2007); and
  • TPPC “Agency of the Year Award” (2007, 2013).
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