Composting and Leaf Management

Composting and Leaf Management

Eighty to ninety percent of a plant’s nutrients are found in its leaves. As leaves fall to the ground, they decompose and these nutrients return to the soil. Composting is an easy and inexpensive way to increase soil fertility.

Free Composting Classes
Discover the easy, cost-effective way to enrich soil and conserve water with compost made in your own backyard! Learn composting basics, troubleshooting tips, worm composting and more. Drawings for free compost bins and other prizes at each class. 

Classes are held one Saturday morning of each month from October through March at the Parks, Recreation and Environmental Services Facility (8203 Millennium Forest Drive). No registration is required. 

Compost Class
Classes are sponsored by Montgomery County Master Gardener Association and Waste Management. 
  1. Compost Bins
  2. Compost Recipe
  3. Managing Leaves
Compost Bins for Sale
Standard model C.E. Shepherd compost bins are available for purchase for $50 at the Parks, Recreation and Environmental Services Facility.

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