Pool Rentals

Reserving a Community Pool

Rent a pool for a birthday party, neighborhood gathering, family reunion, sports team celebration or any social event. Lifeguards are required and provided.

Available to rent during pool season! For more details, please call 281-210-3800 or email reservations@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov.

Pool Rental Fees - 2 Hour Rental

(As of March 5, 2021)

 Tier A (Village Pools)  Tier B (Mid-Size Pools)  Tier C
 Resident $350 | Non-Resident $550  Resident $400 | Non-Resident $600
 Resident $1,200 | Non-Resident $1,400
  • Alden Bridge
  • Creekwood                  
  • Falconwing
  • Harper's Landing
  • Lakeside
  • Ridgewood
  • Sawmill
  • Shadowbend
  • Windvale
  • Bear Branch
  • Cranebrook
  • Forestgate
  • Wendtwoods 
  • Rob Fleming Aquatics Center

2021 Pool Rental Schedule
Rental Hours 2021

Pool Reservation Policy*

All pool prices reflect pool attendance of up to 300 people at Rob Fleming Aquatic Center, and 150 people at all other pools. There will be an additional charge of $1 per person over these attendance amounts to be billed after reservation. Everyone who enters the pool gate is counted toward attendance for party whether or not they enter the water. 

Aquatics Facility Refund Policy* 

All pool rentals refund requests must be made at least 10 business days prior to use date. All reservation fees are subject to a 10 percent  service charge. If weather prohibits (thunder and lightning) entry into the water before the rental starts, a full refund will be issued minus a $25 administrative fee as long as the renter notifies the Parks & Recreation Department within the first 15 minutes. If weather prohibits (thunder and lightning) entry into the water before the first half of rental concludes, a refund of 50 percent will be issued. After the first half of the rental, no refunds will be given. In the event of the pool being contaminated by a renter or their guest, the pool will be vacated as per Texas Health Codes and the rental fee will be forfeited. Not showing up or calling will result in the loss of the rental fee. 

Party Use Form

Party sponsors will receive a Party Use Form from the lead lifeguard. The purpose of the form is to ensure a successful party while providing an opportunity for party sponsors to give feedback. It also documents the number of party attendees, cleanliness of the facility before and after the party, and requires the party sponsor's signature.

*A $5.00 transfer fee will apply if requested for each facility rental.