Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

  • Batteries: Have enough on hand to provide power for flashlights and radios.
  • Food Items: Stock food items that have a long storage life and do not necessarily require cooking. In addition, if you have a liquefied propane (LP) camp / barbecue grill, purchase propane before the storm approaches.
  • Have a Safe Room: Select a room in your house that is free of windows. The room should be large enough for everyone in the house to fit. The safe room is also the place to be if there a tornado warning in The Woodlands.
  • Know Your Insurance Company: If a problem arrives at your home due to weather related problems, knowing your insurance company's agent before can help a great deal in speeding up the insurance claim.
  • Know Your Neighbor: Get to know your neighbors and help each other out. A storm can damage one house and the house next door can go completely unharmed. Good neighbors can assist each other during weather generated disasters.
  • Radio: Have a battery-powered radio in your home to provide your family a source of information during the storm.
  • Secure Your House: Inspect your home for tree branches hanging over your roof. Trim your trees before hurricane season. Secure all large windows and sliding glass doors with plywood or cardboard to help prevent your windows from breaking.
  • Shelter-In-Place: If you stay, high winds, tornadoes and flooding can be extremely hazardous. If you must go out, be sure to tell someone and only go for an emergency.
  • Water Supply: Have plenty of water on hand before the hurricane arrives. Supplies will be limited when a storm is approaching. You should have at least four gallons of water per family of four per day for cooking and drinking.
For more information on hurricane preparedness, please contact The Woodlands Fire Department at 281-367-3444.