Village Associations

Village Associations in The Woodlands

Most villages in The Woodlands Township have organized village associations with officers elected by the residents in each village. The village associations are the grassroots forums where issues are discussed and village programs planned. All adult residents are members of their village association. 

The village associations are separate and independent organizations that provide civic and social opportunities. Many of the duties for the village officers can be found in each village association's bylaws, which are posted below. For more specific information on an individual village association, its activities and expectations, please visit the specific village Web address listed below.

All villages in The Woodlands reside in Montgomery County, Texas, with the exception of The Village of Creekside Park.

Village News

Current village news can be found in The Woodlands Community Magazine. You may also contact your Program Specialist at 281-210-3800.

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Cochran's Crossing
College Park
Creekside Park
Grogan's Mill
Indian Springs
Panther Creek
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