Neighborhood Watch

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A sense of community, a safe community, through education and partnerships.

For over 30 years The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Watch has provided award-winning crime prevention programming to all neighborhoods in The Woodlands. You and your neighbors play an important role in Community Policing efforts. Getting organized is easy and gives you and your neighbors the opportunity to contribute to a safe community through organization, education and even celebration.

 By participating in the Watch program you’ll learn about vital information pertinent to public safety here in The Woodlands, including: 

  • What law enforcement agencies serve you;
  • Important phone numbers for emergencies;
  • How to handle door-to-door solicitors;
  • How to avoid crime of opportunity;
  • And more!

Bring the Watch to Your Neighborhood

 Whether you live in a neighborhood, apartment, senior complex, or have a business in The Woodlands, we encourage you to contact the Neighborhood Watch to learn more about the role you can play in keeping our community safe.