Using the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan as its guide, The Woodlands Township prepares an annual budget and five-year plan in preparation for setting the property tax rate each year. 

The Township views its planning and operational activities in a strategic manner. Accordingly, each year’s Budget is prepared with the goal of achieving certain key objectives as defined in the Vision 2034 Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Directors in 2009. Those objectives include: 
  • Develop a budget and financial plan that meets the short-term and long-term needs of the Township.
  • Continue to provide high quality, cost effective services and amenities.
  • Provide enhancements to services as needed and appropriate.
  • Maintain and replace capital assets and facilities as necessary.
  • Create financial flexibility for changing conditions and opportunities.
Through sound fiscal management, the Township has positioned itself well to cope with growth, create a positive atmosphere for economic development, and provide flexibility on budgetary issues. The Township continues to balance revenues and expenditures, maintain or enhance services, have an excellent bond rating and low debt per capita ratio, and maintain appropriate levels of operating, capital replacement, economic development, and debt service reserves. 
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