Water Conservation

Everyone doing their part to conserve water now will ensure a reliable supply of quality drinking water for generations to come.  The Environmental Services Department offers free events, classes and seminars for residents to learn tips on incorporating conservation habits into daily routines.

You may request a presentation on water conservation by contacting The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at enviro@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov or by calling 281-210-3800.

The Water-wise Village Challenge: 

Take the pledge to conserve water!

Help to conserve water each August through April. To learn more about this resident challenge, view the event flier. View and fill out the Water Wise Village Challenge Pledge.

Water Management Resources

Water Conservation Resources

TWT-WaterTower web

WWA Lawn Irrigation Recommendation

Learn more about lawn watering recommendations provided by Woodlands Water Agency at woodlandswater.org.