The Woodlands Express Park and Ride

The Woodlands Express service provides a comfortable, convenient and economical way to commute. Destinations include the Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, as well as the Central Business District of Houston. Scheduled service is provided Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


Tickets may be purchased through The Woodlands Express Mobile Ticketing app or at any of the Park and Ride terminals. See the link below for more information on how to download and use the mobile ticketing app.

Park & Ride tickets are available at a cost of $13 round-trip and must be purchased in advance for this service as drivers do not accept cash. Buses are filled on a first come, first served basis and only stop at designated locations

Please view Mobile ticketing for more information on how to purchase tickets electronically.

Routes and Schedules

The Woodlands Express Park and Ride offers a variety of bus schedules from the three park and ride locations situated around The Woodlands community. 

NEW!  Sterling Ridge 8 a.m. Run
The current last morning run from Sterling Ridge is 7:25 a.m. A six-month pilot program beginning Jan. 2 will add a run at 8 a.m. After six months time, the Township will evaluate performance and decide if the new run will become permanent. This new run creates additional opportunity and choice for passengers in proximity to the Sterling Ridge Park and Ride, and gives a new option for riders seeking a later start time.

NEW!  Texas Medical Center Stop at UT School of Dentistry
Also starting Jan. 2, 2019, a new stop in the Texas Medical Center will pick up and drop off at the UT School of Dentistry, in front of the UT Health Building. This will be the new last and first stop in The Medical Center during morning and evening runs, respectively. 

Overall system map:
Reverse Commute

Park and Ride Lot Locations

The Woodlands Township operates three Park & Ride lots located conveniently around The Woodlands for your commuting convenience. For your safety the Park & Ride sites have security guards and security lighting.

Weather- Related Service Notices

During inclement weather events, schedule changes and service interruption notices can be found on our Twitter page @TownshipTransit. Sign up to get immediate notifications, or you can view the right side of this page to see them.
The Woodlands Express Policies
  • Smoking, eating and drinking is not permitted on any bus. 
  • No weapons or firearms on buses. 
  • Only personal assistance animals are permitted on buses and in facilities. 
  • Loud and/or abusive behavior or language including profanity/racial or vulgar comments will be cause for immediate removal from the bus and possible loss of ridership privileges. 
  • Passengers may only bring carry-on items that will fit comfortably on their lap and will not protrude into the next seat. Drivers cannot help load or unload items. 
  • The Township reserves the right to restrict certain items on all buses. 
  • Riding on buses under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited. 
  • Music/movie playing devices are not permitted to be played aloud while on any bus. 
  • The Township is not responsible for personal items left on the bus. Passengers may call customer service at (281) 363-0882 to find out about any personal items they may have left on the bus. Personal items not claimed in 60 days will be disposed of or discarded. 
Contact Information
If you feel you have missed a bus, or need other assistance, please call the service number at (832) 851-3362.