Todd Stephens

Executive Team
Title: Director of Intergovernmental Relations/Assistant to the President
Phone: 281-210-3800
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Todd StephensMission
The Intergovernmental Relations Department serves as the front-line guardian of The Woodlands Township’s interests in state and federal legislative matters and is responsible for interfacing and working with other political subdivisions of the state as well as local, state and federal agencies and business entities regulated by the state.

    Works closely with stakeholder and partner organizations.

    Identify emerging legislative, regulatory or business issues.

    Advocate positions to governmental bodies as well as partner organizations, to favorably resolve issues.

    Participate in local and regional planning and advocacy efforts.

    Attend Board meetings and the meetings of Board committees.

    Monitor and report actions of State of Texas government branches, agencies and departments that impact community operation, values or quality of life.

    Monitor actions of local political subdivisions for impact on community values.

    Maintain and develop beneficial relationships with local government and private equities to advance legislative or regulatory agenda of the Township.

    Work with contract political consultant in support of legislative or regulatory initiatives.

About Todd Stephens
Mr. Stephens has over two decades of legislative and government experience including 13 years working for Congressman Kevin Brady in Washington, D.C. and in Texas. Prior to serving Congressman Brady, Mr. Stephens served in various capacities in the Kentucky General Assembly including as professional committee staff, bill drafter, and as a legislative assistant with the Senate President. Mr. Stephens is a veteran of the United States Army and holds a M.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy.


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