Richard Franks

Board of Directors
Title: Treasurer
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Richard Franks

Position No. 3

Term expires November 2024

Richard Franks, after serving over 40 years as a media executive and consultant to metro and community newspapers and magazines, is currently retired, but still works part-time consulting in the media business. Under Richard’s direction, the media companies focused on the acquisition of leading edge, high demographic markets. In 2015, Mr. Franks was recognized as “Innovator of the Year”, for his vision and leadership in the industry. During his media career, Richard managed several community media companies in over 13 States, including Westward Communications in The Woodlands, the former owner of the Conroe Courier and The Villager.

While in Columbus, Ohio, as Executive Vice- President for the Columbus Dispatch, Mr. Franks served as Chairman of the Management Committee for Ameriflora ‘92, a $200 million plus international horticultural exhibition. Michael Eisner, Chairman of Disney, used Ameriflora ‘92 as the inspiration for the international gardens at Epcot Center.

Mr. Franks holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and previously served as Chief Administrative Officer, Urbana, Illinois where he was responsible for all departments including budget, federal and state contracts, labor relations and relationships with county and university officials.

Richard served on active duty in the US Army from 1969 to 1971, and was awarded the Bronze Star, and two Army Commendations medals for service as a First Lieutenant in Viet Nam.

Richard and his wife Pamela, have four children and six grandchildren.


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