Karen Dempsey

Executive Team
Title: Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 281-210-3800
Questions, Comments, Concerns

Karen DempseyPrevious Responsibilities
The Assistant to the President reports to the President/General Manager and is responsible for providing a high level of administrative, management and analytical support to the President towards the accomplishment of the Boards of Directors' and organizational goals. The Assistant to the President serves as a member of the senior management team participating in the organizations’ strategic planning efforts, and addressing organization-wide policy and management goals.

About Karen Dempsey
Mrs. Dempsey joined The Woodlands Community Service Corporation in 1998. Originally a member of the Community Relations staff, Ms. Dempsey accepted the position of Management Analyst in 2007, where she has been involved in the key community issues of transition and governance. Hailing from the Great Lakes region, Ms. Dempsey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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