What is a "thunder break" and how long does it last?

A thunder break occurs when a staff member hears thunder and/or sees lightning from inside of the pool fence. The pool will close and all guests (lap swimmers included) will be asked to exit the pool and stay back at least 10 feet from the edge of the water. Lifeguards will get down from elevated stations.  

The pool will reopen no more than 30 minutes after the last thunder or lighting occurrence. If the skies are clear immediately after the thunder is heard (blue overhead with a storm nearby), the pool will reopen in less time— just 15 minutes after the last occurrence. In most cases guests will be allowed to remain on the deck while the storm passes. In extreme inclement weather (not including “shelter in place” orders) guest may be asked to entirely exit the facility for their own safety. These precautions are taken in accordance with American Red Cross lifeguard training procedures and follow guidelines set forth by the National Lightning Safety Institute.

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