What is the rain-out policy for this program?
There will be no rain make up day. Should the event be cancelled due to weather, we will refund 50% of your Activity fee for the open water swim. However, this refund does not include open water clinics offered by independent contractors which will be refunded in full minus a $5 service fee.

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1. Can I pay with credit card if I choose to register the morning of the event?
2. Can I register for the open water swim the morning of the swim?
3. What is the rain-out policy for this program?
4. Is this the course for the Ironman and/or CB&I Tri?
5. Will there be a bag drop area available?
6. Will I be able to pick up my race packet at the open water swim?
7. How can I register for the offered Open Water Swim Clinics and/or Triathlon training?