What happens when there is a known bodily fluid incident in the pool?

Township Aquatics staff follow all Texas Dept. of Health (TDH) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for handling, controlling, and containing any and all bodily fluids. Depending on the amount, level of exposure, and type of fluid involved, the pool may be closed anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours. In these scenarios the required closure time begins as soon as the contamination is safely removed from the water. The most common occurrence is when a young swimmer has a brief nose bleed or minor ‘spit up’ event, and in those cases the chemicals already in the water will safely handle any reasonable exposure risks. If chemical levels are in question at all, the pool will be cleared.

In more extreme cases, the pool may be closed for 30 to 120 minutes while chemical adjustments are made and clean-up undertaken. The length of time depends on the chlorine residual in the water at the time of the incident.

In rare cases, a liquid fecal incident may cause the pool to be closed for the remainder of the day and possibly into the following day. The dangers of chlorine-resistant bacterial contamination take up to 13 hours to safely treat and may require further time afterward to completely clean-up.

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