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Gifts for our Community

  1. Preserve your memories forever through nature in The Woodlands parks!
    We greatly appreciate your interest in making a contribution to one of The Woodlands Township parks, pathways, medians or open space reserves. Someone will contact you within three business days to discuss your project.
  5. Requesting a plaque?
    Contributions can be made in memory or recognition of a friend, family member or colleague with the placement of a plaque that meets the Township's plaque standards.
  6. Plaque message
    Each plaque can only have six lines of text. Please fill in each line with the required information. Message must be tasteful, respectful and not disparaging of other people or ideas.
  7. Salutation (one line)
  8. The name must be a real person and may display the full or partial name, including a nickname. The name may also display the person's official title(s). The recognized person must be, or have been, a resident of The Woodlands, or someone who works or worked in The Woodlands.
  9. Limited to one line. Examples: 01/01/50 - 01/01/01 or January 1, 1950 - January 1, 2001.
  10. This line may only display the identity of the donor and may not include personal names, family names, nicknames, civic organizations, schools. churches or corporate / business names. Examples include Friends, A Friend, Classmates, The Class of (year), Family, Parents, Those Who Loved Him / Her, His / Her Church, Employer, Co-workers, etc.
  11. May only display the person's contribution to The Woodlands or reason for the recognition. Examples include Dedicated Community Leader, Outstanding Citizen, Loving Father, Hometown Hero, Honored Classmate, Keeper of the Flag.
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